Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wall and Crawls

OK It has been a wile since my last post but a lot has been going on. First on the Tin Can, I have cleaned up the wiring and added wiring for Entertainment systems, second coach/house battery and another cable for TV in the bedroom. I also Added new speaker wire and power for an amplifier and sub woofer. Got to have the kickin tunes!!! I rewired the 120V. AC system and moved the power distribution center from the rear to the front at the kitchen.

With 98% of the wiring work done I Sprayed in the Tiger Foam polyurethane insulation.
Now for some very important information from our sponsors!:

When spraying the Tiger Foam be sure to: Wear a Tivek suit with a head cover, This stuff gets on everything and sticks! It will not come off of your skin, clothes or anything else. Make sure you mask off anything you don't want to get this stuff on, It goes everywhere, it's only partially controllable when you spray. The Tiger Foam cures so quickly that it will start curing on the spray tip if you stop spraying for more than 15-20 seconds and when this happens it starts to clump and spray in funny directions. YOU MUST CHANGE TIPS FREQUENTLY! This will make the spraying easyer. This really is not as bad as it sounds, there is just a slight learning curve to the process. When you are spraying downward as with the flooring it sprays very well but when you spray overhead it will rain foam down on you and everything around. It goes back to clean tips. Change to a new tip when spraying overhead and don't stop spraying if you can help it. Be sure to take the time to prep for spraying and come up with a spray plan. Map out exactly how you will spay to have as few times of stopping. Luckily the foam is pretty easy to cut and form, I was able to use a cheap flush cut saw, like you would use to cut the lower trim when installing flooring, to cut the areas of too thick foam and to trim the ribs for the int. walls. It took a wile to get the floor cleaned up, a lot of scraping, I would definitely cover the floor with plastic! I guess you learn as you go.

Now that the Tiger Foam is in and the wiring is done I started putting in the Prodex Foil/Foam/Foil radiant heat barrier over the Tiger Foam and the ribs in the walls. I am covering the rib to help with the condensation problem when in really cold weather. The heat transfer from the outside aluminum skin and the aluminum ribs to the aluminum interior walls has been a problem with Airstreams forever. I am hoping that the foam insulation of the Prodex between the ribs and walls will stop 90% of this sweating problems at the ribs. I will in theory have about R21 in the walls now. 1"of Tiger Foam is about R7 and the Prodex is about R14. The Tiger Foam also seals everything and is waterproof and fire rated. I am thinking that it will be extremely airtight and very quiet. Well now that the walls are going back in I hope things will start moving faster. There is only one problem now...

Thursday November Twenty Ninth, 8:00am I had my ACL Reconstruction surgery. All went well and I am not having too much pain. Therapy is going well and I should be back on the Tin Can in A week or so. It has been nice having a short break with lots of legal drugs to keep me happy but like all good things it must end soon so I can get back to the plan and get my Tin Can ready for my new Life!!!

I hope to have an update before Christmas but If I don't I hope everyone has a very happy Holiday season.

Everyone Take Care,