Friday, January 25, 2008

Let There Be Light

Hello everyone, since last we blogged much has happened. The last few weeks have been very productive and I am starting to see the light at the end of this long arduous labor of love. The Tin Can has seen many improvements including but not limited to:

  1. All new plumbing. I used Pex plumbing for ease and better freeze protection than the original copper. I also added a few features not originally available, I fabricated a permanent black water tank wash that goes through the black tank vent pipe, so when you are emptying your tanks you just hook the hose up to the fitting and it sprays a jet of rotating water around the inside of the tank. No more sticking the hose or spray wand down the toilet drain, that's just so nasty! I also included a hose bib for cleaning stuff outside the Tin Can, Me/the bike etc.

  2. Furnace LPG line pre heater. Funny thing about Propane, when it gets really cold LPG has less energy per gallon than when its warm. I read a chart that said at 70deg F. a 20lb. grill bottle has about 55,000 BTU's of energy, that same bottle at -5deg F. has about 5,000 BTU's of energy. Somehow I think we are all getting ripped off when it's cold because so many people heat with LPG, shouldn't it be the other way around, the colder the temp the more it will heat? Well I think it's a sham created by the oil co. Those Bastards! That's OK since I have a genius plan, preheat the gas before it gets to the furnace! Stop me now you big Oil Co. Bullies......Sorry I keep getting off track but they are trying to kill my soon to be road trip. Now we return to the preheater It's an insulated box with about six feet of copper gas line in a coil, when the heater starts it blows hot air across the coil befor heating the Tin Can. Now the furnace gets warm LPG, More BTU's per gallon, less fuel burned for heat. I know, "It's so easy a Cave Man Could do it" Some time things are so much funnier to me than anyone else.

  3. Last but not least is the new cool interior lights. I used under the counter Puck Lights, they are small, bright and fit nicely. I used ten; 4 for the living room with dimmer switch, just in case you need a little mood lighting. 4 for the kitchen and hallway for good counter top and closet lighting, no dimmer. 2 for the bedroom, yes on a dimmer too. You have to have good lighting in the bedroom, everything looks better when you squint. Right? I will also add wall mounted gimble oil lamps in the bedroom for that special mood lighting...I mean back up emergency lighting and heat.

So as you can see, things are coming along nicely. I have started to refurbish the bathroom counter and base, the shower pan and the vanity mirror cabinet. I purchased a new nicer toilet, the Thetford Auqua Magic V it seems really nice. It is taller and white, not dingy yellow stained like the other one.

It's been fun writing to you today so everyone have a great couple o weeks and I will write to you soon.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back on the JOB

Welcome back to the Tin Can. I hope everyone had a great holiday season of too much food and drink.
I have great news for everyone, My knee surgery seems to be a huge success!! I am on the sixth week of recovery and an doing very well. I took about three and a half week break on the Can but have been hard at work for the last few weeks. The first week back was slow to say the least but the last week has kicked butt. There has been allot happening at the old Can, I rebuilt the lower door hinge and spent about eight to ten hours getting the door to seal and latch properly. All of that time dose include installing a new style door latch and deadbolt.
More new installs include two new power receptacles, one on the front and one on the left rear, and a new city water inlet.
The best news of all though is that all of the insulation and interior walls are DONE!!!!!!!!!! You just gotta love the FLOWER POWER bathroom walls!!
On the lighter side of life I have gotten to ride my mountain bike a couple of times, the first being a 10 mile all flat and paved greenway trail, the absolute best ride I have had in the last six months!!!!! Well the second ride on the same trail was even better, 15 miles of pure pleasure. I know that these trails are not very exciting but when you get to ride again after a horrible tragic bee induced accident it's just the best thing ever. I will be riding more and more as time and pain allow, I need to start working on my beach body, the Florida Keys are starting to call pretty hard. If all goes as well as the last week went, I should be leaving on my great adventure by March first.
Please keep me in you thoughts as I slave for the next six weeks, and may THE CAN BE WITH YOU ALL!
Hope to show much progress soon.