Thursday, February 21, 2008

Storage Galore

Hello to all. I'm glad to be Blogging to you today because I am closer to my goal than ever, I now have my storage back in the Tin Can. I was able to get the overhead storage bin over the kitchen area up and all of the electrical connections hooked up on the control panel. I was also able to rebuild the range vent fan and hood control. I added two more overhead lights in the kitchen for better cooking and storage bin illumination.

With the help of Steven, Scott and Ross, great Friends, we installed the very long and awkward closet side overhead storage bin. Thank you guys for the help it would have been imposable without you! We also installed the closet doors and part of the kitchen cabinetry on the driver side of the Tin Can. All and all a very good few days.

Much more to come very soon as I am still looking for a mid March departure for FL. and possibly a few stops along the way.

Take care and be sure to leave me some feed back in the comments section.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bath Time

Finally, I have got some good work done, the details are a killer when it comes to a bathroom. There are so many pieces and parts to a bathroom you just wouldent believe.
I thought that I would never stop cleaning and preping and painting and covering and fastening, OK it's done. The bathroom anyway. This tiny bathroom was a really fun to redo, I painted all of the plastic and wall papered the walls. I installed all new fixtures, sink faucet, shower faucet and drains. A new shower cutain Rod and curtain. I was going to install a shower door but looking at it, I thought that it would close up the space too much. So I opted for a curtain instead. This way I could leave the curtain open and it would look like a larger room. It's such a tiny space!
So, I have also finished the heating ducts and part of the kitchen walls. I used a faux Stainless Steel laminate on the kithchen walls and backsplash for a more modern look, it will come together when the cabinatetry is in and the appliances are installed. I finnished some roof details including plumbing vents and the air conditioner shroud. I installed a refrigerator vent fan to help cool the refer space when the temps get high. I was told by an older gentlman that when it is very hot outside that the refrigerator would have a hard time keeping cool unless you could provid adequit cooling for the frige vent. I also installed a automatic thermastat for the fan to be completely user friendly.
Hopfully the closet space and refrigerator wont be as hard or time consuming as the bathroom. There are not as many parts to these as the bath so it might go a litle faster? It seems that I say this on every blog, Hmmmm..... I think it will all take forever to finish, but forever is just a few weeks away.
Here is to forever may it get here soon.