Sunday, March 30, 2008

That's Entertainment

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have no real excuse, I have just been kind of slack-working-riding, mostly working.

OK one of the most important parts of the Tin Can is done. The entertainment section is very cool and seems to work great. I have installed a Sony car head unit for the stereo part, this unit has an input on the front for both 1/8 inch jack, mp3,satellite radio etc. and a USB port for any kind of music files. This unit also has an RCA input on the rear for satellite TV and DVD player.

I included an Alpine amp and sub woofer for a nice sounding system, plenty loud to offend everyone at the campgrounds. Just kidding, no loud music after 10:00pm. I have installed a 20" LCD TV. Direct TV Tivo and a DVD player as well. All of the entertainment including the TV can run off of the 12volt dc to 120 volt ac power inverter, no sense in not having entertainment wile out in the woods, you have to have the Weather channel to be safe you know.

I have also added lights in the large closet so you can find everything, they have been hooked to door switches so that no matter what door you open the lights come on and go out as soon as you close them. This is a must have for any dark closet!I have installed a convection microwave oven so I can bake and or microwave. Saves room and gives multiple cooking options.

Now for the most impressive of engineering projects to date on the Tin Can, The Electrical System! It is so way over board it isn't even funny. I sort of got carried away with the, I want it to be fail proof forever kind of thing. I wont go into too much boring detail but it has power distribution, multiple power sources I.E. two AC power inlets, two batteries all with switching between each other. Redundant battery chargers that will charge one the other or both. Power converter for 120v. AC to 12v. DC and Inverter power for 12v. DC to 120v. AC. I will be able to run everything in the trailer of of just AC or DC power. I even have a generator for back up of back up power. If you are not confused by now? I sure am.

I have started putting up all of the interior trim and will be installing the flooring this next week.

The it will be recover the couch and make new curtains install a bed and on the road I will go!!!!!

Some how this stuff never goes fast enough for me. It seems to take forever to do it all.

I will be flying to South Dakota to get vehicles registered and a drivers licence. They have better insurance rates and lower TAXES Than most all other states. So I guess I now have to put that I am from SD on the Blog info....or not.

Well enough for tonight I promise to blog sooner this time.

Everyone take care and I look forward to seeing you all on the road soon,