Monday, September 17, 2007

9/17/07 First entry into Tin Can Blog

Well, now from the beginning. It all started six months ago with the mutual decision for my wife and I to divorce. Very sad but just what had to be. Anyway I digress, after trying to find (not successfully) affordable housing in the great city of Asheville, NC, It being ridicules housing prices and all, I had to make a decision.(run on I know) I finally decided to take an early retirement, so to speak. I figured why not go on that ultimate road trip now wile I'm still young and able enough to enjoy all of life's activity's that I love. "Moutain biking, Snow Skiing, Backpacking, generally all outdoor stuff and of course BEER!!" I didn't wan to wait and retire at seventy and be to worn out to do the things I love.

The planning begins. where will I live what will I do?
Live in a travel trailer of course. Work odd jobs for extra cash. Sounded reasonable to me.
To make a vary long and boring story short, I looked and Looked at every travel trailer known to man and found that they were ether too small or too expensive, too old or too new.
Then I started to look at the older Air Stream Trailers, not only were they available but at reasonable prices for what you get. By comparison a one year old 28 foot travel trailer was about $17,000 and a 32 year old Air Stream was only $ 3,200. I know what a difference you say! Well believe it or not, the Air stream was built so well that it is structurally better than any of the newer trailers that I looked at.

The Tin Can:
1976 Manufactured 09/1975
31 foot Sovereign International
(pictures to follow soon)

The trailer is pretty much all original except for carpet and curtains. Most everything functions pretty well. I have just started to get into it now.

The Plan:

  1. Sell house, Quit Job (done)
  2. Fix, repair, and modify trailer to fit my needs. (started 8/25/07)
  3. Leave and enjoy a year to two year journey to wherever life takes me. (starting TBD)

The setback:

I tempted fate by looking into an old dead bee box only to discover wasps were using it for building materials. Needless to say they came after me and I ran like a scaredy cat. Bad move, about the third or forth step I went one way and my knee went the other. Long hobble to car and longer drive to hospital. Well one completely destroyed ACL, partial tear in the MCL and a torn Meniscus later I am making slight changes to the "Plan"

The New Plan:

  1. Fix, Repair and or Modify trailer to suit my needs. (Restart on 9/28/07)
  2. Fix, Repair and or Modify knee to suit my needs. (after trailer is done, Month to month and a half)
  3. Leave when knee is good enough for driving four hours o more.

Thats all for now.