Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Powder, Powder, Powder

Well the powder is falling and wont stop! It is ridiculous and fabulous all at the same time. I have finally skied real powder, knee deep+ , It's not so easy at first but I'm starting to get the hang of it.
For those of you wondering at just how good a skier I am, I will tell you that Skiing dose not come as easy for me as biking, motorcycling or any other thing that I'm pretty good at. I am able to get down the slops with some style, just not good style. I am getting better every day I ski so there may be some hope for me yet. I just need to get over my fear and point the skis down the mountain more and turn less.
I will just have to keep skiing until I get it, that might take a few seasons so I will just have to suck it up and stay here.

Tin Can update: Coldest temp so far, 12 degrees outside and 67 inside the can. I have not used the propane furnace yet just an oil filled electric heater and a small cube heater in the bedroom. I feel like all of the expense and effort with the insulation was completely worth it. All other systems seem to be working well no freeze ups yet.

Now let me tell you about the motorcycle riding in the desert. Holy sh** WOW Freaking incredible! The speed and thrills are indescribable, It's like the best rides on my mountain bike times ten. At times it's outrageous fun and then scary as hell, it all happens so fast you stay in a constant adrenaline rush. I will tell you that I had a few crashes, really more of fall overs in some of the really technical slow spots where I just couldn't stay fast enough to keep upright. Very slow speed stuff seems to be the hardest to ride, along with the steep, loose, rocky and sandy climbs. If you don't make it to the top and stop short it is all most imposable to get started again. You either dig yourself a hole or slide sideways and fall over. I think that was the absolute hardest part of my first rides on the bike. I have ridden three time now with Brian and Patric and they have been great at showing me the ropes so to speak. I will tell you now, that the day after two consecutive days of riding, I have never hurt so bad in my life! Every muscle from the top of my head to my toes hurt and ached so bad I went home early from work. You just don't realise how much effort it takes to move a 250lb motorcycle around when you ride. It's not like a 30lb mountain bike! I got so worked over, using muscles I didn't know existed much less have ever used. Luckily I got over the pain before the next ride. It wasn't as bad on the pain side as the first ride.
Unlike skiing, I have taken to the motorcycling almost without effort. All the years of mountain biking have paid off making the transition from pedaling to twisting the throttle much easier. I will still mountain bike, probably more then motorcycle riding, because it is less difficult to facilitate and I really love it as well.

Picture will return soon as the PO PO have not found my camera yet, I will be buying a new camera today.

So yall give me a shout when you want to come out skiing, It is truly the best snow on Earth out here.


Anonymous said...

Hi, here is MaMaJoJa .... maybe you remember the german familiy at zion. Take a look at this ...... if you can't read the german text don't worry ..... some of the pictures are great.


Good luck and bye


Eddy G said...

still waiting for the powder pics!